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I'm looking for a person or group who has decisive purpose of passing ICFE exam provided by ACCA association. I have known that 8 first people couldn't pass the exam in 2008 but still were prioritized to take the exam again without any fees. Actually, i have checked all of ICFE's samples and see they are not challenging because all kinds of the knowledge related to accounting and auditing are on CAT and ACCA textbooks. The reasons why they couldn't pass may be poor exam techniques and a failure of irregular practice.

I surely want to get this certificate because of its value and recognition. I'm in HCM city and nobody knows and wants to get ICFE, then i definitely fly to HaNoi to take the exam. If we know each other in advance, we wouldn't get a lot of obstacles in coordinating part of the exam, which is considered hard and tough. Speaking part needs to be concerned rather than other parts.

My skype : fallingangelvy and my yahoo: tuongvy_cat

I'm confident if we practice regularly and have right studying methods, we could pass the exam with average grades.

Feel free to contact me or send me an email if you firmly want to get the certificate.
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Hi Vy, glad to meet you here.
I am a little busy with ACCA but after June, maybe I will take apart with you !


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