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English is one of the most important things that will help you succeed in ACCA exam. By learning 15 terms everyday, you are able to enhance your chance in the future, not only for ACCA exam but also for an international environment working. Therefore, let's start with "English for ACCA" from now and enjoy the result. The first lesson today will give you 15 volcabularies about Basic Accounting.
1. Purchase for cash: is when the buyer pays cash to the seller at the time goods or services are transferred.
2. Purchase on credit: normally occurs when the business receives the goods, accompanied by an invoice from the supplier. Cash is paid later.
3. Cash sales: occur when goods or services are given in exchange for immediate payment.
4. Credit note: is used by a seller to cancel part or all of previously issued invoices.
5. Accounting system: is the system which is used to record, summarize and present the information contained in the documentation generated by transactions.
6. Credit sales: occur when the business sends out an invoice for the goods or services supplied. Cash is received later.
7. Sale: is a business transaction in which company uses goods or services to exchange for cash.
8. Trade discount: is a reduction in the cost of goods owing to the nature of the trading transaction due to buying goods in bulk.
9. Cash transaction: occurs when the goods and cash exchange hands.
10. Documents: are evidences for business transactions.
11. Debit note: is issued by a customer to a supplier as a mean of formally requesting a credit note. A supplier might also issue it instead of an invoice in order to adjust upwards the amount of an invoice already issued.
12. Invoice: is a demand for payment.
13. Good received note: is filled in to record a receipt of goods, most commonly in a warehouse. It may be used instead of or in addition to suppliers' advice notes.
14. Cash discount: is a reduction in the amount payable to the supplier, in return for immediate or very early payment in cash, rather than purchase on credit.
15. Purchase: in the exchange of cash for goods or services.

Hope these terms are useful for you. And don't forget to learn next 15 English words for ACCA tomorrow.



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